Rubber inserts for chuck jaws

A decade old principle for extending the tension range of chuck jaws is the equipping of the slits with rubber inserts. With wear these are inter-changeable.

To manufacture rubber inserts in various sizes we possess our own vulcanisation tools. Information about the measurements are available upon request.

As standard we use well tried materials of polymer bases NBR that especially excel due to their resistance to oil. The guaranteed tolerance range for dimensions accuracy lies with this material by DIN ISO 3302-1 M3, which corresponds to usual commodities.


Rubber-metal buffers

Rubber-metal buffers find many uses in the industrial branches. They are used to absorb vibrations, reduce shocks and acceleration or lessen structure-borne noise.

We produce rubber-metal buffers in cylindrical shape with company own tools in varying sizes. Data table with measurement table is to be found here.

As standard material we offer natural rubber ( NR) with 45, 55 and 70° Shore A or NBR 60° Shore A in black. Besides the cylindrical shape we can offer conical, spherical, waisted or parabolic shapes. Other material qualities are also possible, although the component measurements can vary slightly due to shrinkage.


This deals with edge-seals that seal axial moving rods and pistons used in hydraulic applications.

A list of measurements can be found here.

As standard material we offer NBR 60° Shore A or fluoric rubber 70° Shore A. NBR excels due to its excellent oil resistance. Fluoric rubber on the other hand comes into use where good heat and chemical resistance is necessary.

Cover plugs

Components that go through an industrial lacqer process often have areas like depressions or projections that must remain lacqer free. 

Here functionality is important like e.g. prevention of paint moistening, interference and ease of mounting with the correct component geometry and combined with low prices.

We manufacture several sizes of covers with our own tools that are reliable in geometry and economy. We will gladly prepare a solution for your requirements.