The co-ordination of the manufacturing procedures of the product is our central task. With consideration to the geometry of the components, the choice of materials and the planned number of pieces, 2 procedures mainly apply:


With this type of vulcanisation a matched to the part volume rubber blank is placed in an opened tool and pressed under temperature with high pressure. This procedure is especially suitable for the economical manufacture of a small number of pieces, or for articles of great volume that require a long heating time.


In this procedure the raw material is mechanically soaked, plasticised and homogenized before it is injected into the closed tool under high pressure. As the tools are more complex, the machine-technical cost and rigging time greater, the procedure is used for a higher number of pieces. Through the injecting in the prepared closed tool, a smaller mass tolerance is possible due to minimal burr formation.


This process is a kind of hybrid between compression and injection molding. The injection process takes place in the tool itself by pressing the rubber blank into a transfer pot. The compound flows into the cavity through channels in the tool.


The complex requirement profile of modern components requires careful selection of the appropriate materials. Through our collaboration with large compound manufacturers, we can offer our clients a portfolio with several thousand standard and special rubber compounds, with a hardness between 25° and 90° Shore. Here individual requirements can be fulfilled with respect to mechanical behaviour and chemical properties. 

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The aim of our business is both a tailor-made raw material solution together with an optimum interaction of function, quality and economic efficiency.



Quality is for us a dynamic and strategic sucess factor and therefore one of the most important tasks of all employees of our company. The customer with his wishes and goals is the focus of our business and defines the quality benchmarks. To document our quality standard we are since 2001 successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

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As a deciding factor for optimising the product quality, we offer initial prototypes/samples under serial-production process conditions (VDA/PPAP) or development prototypes/samples to test planned properties.

Prototype/ sample series with different materials or rapid tooling are further instruments. Our longstanding experience goes before us and during the sample process in every tool construction and leads to a fully developed interplay between geometry, materials and process.